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T-Bird Times - December 2016 Edition

posted Dec 1, 2016, 10:24 AM by CORY KURKEY   [ updated Dec 1, 2016, 10:26 AM ]
Character Education 

Trait of the Month for December: Be Courteous 
Be Courteous – Polite, respectful or considerate in manner. 
Synonyms  Well mannered, civil, well-behaved. 

Words of the Week for December 
Identify – To find or point out 
Infer – Deduce or conclude from evidence 
Integrate – Combine one thing with another to make into a whole 
Interpret – Explain or understand the meaning of 

Principal’s Message 

It’s hard to believe that there’s less than 3 weeks until the first semester is over, which marks the halfway point of the school year. Time really does fly! 

This month will see some exciting activities. We’ve been holding our Scholastic Book Fair this week. We’ll be hosting the Collinsville Middle School Band and our own DIS Band and Chorus for holiday assemblies We will also be holding our annual 5th and 6th grade Dodgeball Tournaments on December 5th and 6th after school in the gym. This event is always a student and crowd favorite. Feel free to come after school to cheer your child’s team to victory! 

This is the time of the year where students are often anxious/excited about the upcoming holiday. Our staff will be working hard with your student(s) over the next few weeks to remind them of our DIS expectations and to make sure they end the semester well, both academically and behaviorally. Your support in this is appreciated. 

On behalf of the DIS staff, I want to wish you and your family a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. Let’s finish the semester strong and enjoy the upcoming break. It’s great to be a T-Bird! 

Yours in Education, 

Kevin Stirnaman 

Principal – Dorris Intermediate School 

Upcoming Events and Opportunities 

December 5th – 5th grade Dodgeball Tournament – 4 PM @ DIS 

December 6th – 6th grade Dodgeball Tournament – 4 PM @ DIS 

December 9th (during school day) – CMS Holiday Band assembly @ DIS 

December 13th – 6th grade Band Concert @ DIS 

December 20th (during school day) – DIS Chorus and Band Assembly @ DIS 

December 20th – DIS Chorus Concert @ Webster School 

December 22nd – January 4th – Winter Break – No School 

STEM Challenges  

December 8th and December 15th – 3D Printing Challenge 
Learn how to design and print out your own items from a 3D Printer. Challenge will be after school until 5:00. 

Please - No Parking Next Door at Glazy Square 

Many of you used to drop off or pick up students at the Glazy Square donut shop next door. Please help us be a good neighbor and improve student safety by using our circle drive for drop-offs and pick-ups. Their spots should be for customers only.