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T-Bird Times - April 2017 Edition

posted Apr 5, 2017, 8:25 AM by CORY KURKEY   [ updated Apr 28, 2017, 10:48 AM ]

Character Education 

Trait of the Month for April: Be Positive 
Be Caring – Displaying kindness or concern for others.  Showing empathy towards others. 

Words of the Week for April 
Details – Facts that support the main idea. 
Metaphor – An implied comparison.  A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable. 
Theme – A universal idea.  The subject of a piece of writing; a topic. 
Mood – The way a piece of writing makes the reader feel. 

Principal’s Message 

Hello DIS families, 

We are finishing up the PARCC exam prior to Spring Break.  Thank you to everyone who cooperated in getting their students to school and on time during your child’s testing week.  If your student missed some testing days, please make sure they are in attendance until Spring Break so we can get the tests made up. 

After the PARCC exam is completed, all 5th grade students will be taking a one day Science exam from the Illinois State Board of Education.  The test, like PARCC, will be completed online.  This is the second year for the exam and we anticipate it taking approximately one hour to complete.  We have yet to receive our results from last year’s test. 

In addition to the testing we are finishing, students participating in Girls On the Run, the Boys Runners Club, Renfro Runners, Band, Chorus and STEM continue their programs. 

We will continue to stress to the students that even though the end of the year is in sight, we still need to focus on our studies and our behavior so we can finish the year off on a positive note.  Your support in this effort is appreciated. 

Have a safe, healthy and relaxing Spring Break! 

Yours in Education, 

Mr. Stirnaman 
Principal – Dorris Intermediate School 

Upcoming Events and Opportunities 

Spring Break – Thursday, April 13th through Monday, April 17th – No School 

5th grade Illinois Science exam – To be completed in the classroom prior to the end of April. 

6th grade trip to CAVC – Friday, April 28th 


STEM Challenges  

No STEM challenge this month.  Our next STEM activity will be the STEM Carnival at Field Day. 

Please - No Parking Next Door at Glazy Square 

Many of you used to drop off or pick up students at the Glazy Square donut shop next door. Please help us be a good neighbor and improve student safety by using our circle drive for drop-offs and pick-ups. Their spots should be for customers only.